Andy Talked With Donovan; Stallworth Could Be Back on Birds


Hidden in a Sunday column about John Harbaugh heading to the Ravens are two interesting tidbits about the Eagles.

It wouldn't be surprising at all to see Donté Stallworth come back to
Philadelphia after he wins a Super Bowl ring with New England.
Stallworth is due a monstrous bonus in February, one the Patriots
likely won't pay because they will have to spend money to keep Randy

Stallworth qualifies as a playmaker and probably one who would be acceptable to the Eagles' high-maintenance quarterback.

I think most Eagles fans, while green with Super Bowl ring envy, would welcome Stallworth back to the Birds.  Now how about this little nugget that Reid and McNabb chatted after the season on what the off-season should look like.


Reid and Donovan McNabb talked after the season, and a source close to
Reid said that the two were on the same page as far as each man's
approach to the off-season. It's still possible that the rumblings will
turn out to be true and McNabb will try to talk his way out of town.
But for now, despite his recent blog entry about the Eagles' need for
more playmakers
, McNabb has yet to seriously commence that process.
Unless he does, or unless some team offers something exorbitant for him
- say, three first-round draft picks - McNabb will be back for the 2008
season. He will be the starter.


So now Andy and Donovan are meeting up over lattes to discuss what each other thinks?  It certainly says something positive about the relationship the two have.  McNabb may be getting a little rebellious on his blog, but at the end of the day, he's still going to battle against the rest of the NFL with Andy Reid by his side.

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