Asante Samuel Doubtful for Cardinals Game


Talk about a bad game to lose one of your best corners. Asante Samuel has been listed as doubtful for tomorrow's game against the wide receiving stacked Arizona Cardinals.

Let's play the "guess which Eagle said this quote" game: "When you have a group of receivers that this cat is throwing the ball
to, not taking anything away from him, but if you look at the routes,
if you look at some of the passes, he’s putting things right on the
money. Those guys don’t have to do
anything but catch the ball and continue to run, so obviously he’s
putting the ball where it needs to be ... I think for a couple of years
there his confidence might have been a little down, a little shaky.
People were talking about, he’s fumbling the ball too much and all that
stuff, but now he’s not doing that as much and he’s putting the ball in
his playmakers’ hands.”

It should have taken you 10 words to figure it out.

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