Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks responds to Rihanna's stated crush oh him


Apparently a popular trend on the Internet, and more specifically the photo sharing site Instagram, is to overshare with the world and let them know who you have a crush on. On Monday it's for the men, on Wednesday it's for the women. Or so the acronyms go anyway.

This is all pretty trivial and stupid and whatever. But then pop star and self-described bad girl Rihanna posts a Man Crush Monday of Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks and we're all a little surprised.

Kendricks proved he's one of the young players on the Birds' defense that could be a vital part of the team's ongoing rebuilding process. But he seems a bit under the radar for someone like Rihanna.

CSNPhilly.com columnist John Gonzalez was in the locker room this morning at the NovaCare Complex and asked Kendricks if he was aware of this somewhat surprising crush.

"Some of the guys told me about it. They were busting my chops a little," Kendricks said.

He also said he's never met her before, but would he like to?

"I don't want to talk about this, y'all," he said with a smile.

Can't blame him. #MCM is pretty strange to begin with.

photos via Rihanna's Instagram

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