Football Food For Eagles Fans – Week 12


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Football Food For Fans ~ Week 12, 2008 Season, originally uploaded by Mark K_NJ
In this week's installment of Football Food for Eagles Fans, Mark themed his weekly meal with how Eagles fans' would be feeling after the game: crabby.

From Mark's flickr page:

So, understandably, I went with crab cakes this week. And since the
Eagles played the Ravens of Baltimore, I made sure to use some good
quality Marlyland crab meat.

Doing alittle research, I found that a placed called Faidley's Crabcakes
are considered by many to be the best around. So I found their recipe
and made them. Pretty easy actually, and great tasting too

On the side, I did some Autumn (though lately here in NJ, it feels more
like winter) slaw : purple cabbage and red onion sliced thin, mixed
into a dressing of cider vinegar, brown sugar, olive oil, salt and
pepper and chopped flat leaf parsley from my herb garden.

And in the glass, I stayed local and poured some River Horse Brewery Lager. Despite a number of Baltimorians trying to give me beer recommendations, I couldn't find any of the Maryland-based brews they suggested locally.

The anticipation for what kind of feast Mark eats on Thanksgiving is certainly more exciting than anything that will take place at the Linc on Thursday. As always, you can see all of Mark's meals here.


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