Habershow: Chris Mullin picks best player on Olympic Dream Team


The average margin of victory for the Dream Team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics was 43.8 points, so the real competition came in closed scrimmages. 

Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan battled for the title of the most dominant player on the most dominant basketball squad ever assembled.

“Magic was our leader, and look, his charisma and incredible basketball talent and leadership qualities are off the charts,” Chris Mullin said on The Habershow podcast with NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh. “But it was just obvious that Michael was by far the greatest player in the world at that point and time.”

Mullin recalled the famous Team USA scrimmage in Monte Carlo that featured Johnson on the blue team and Jordan on the white team. Mullin played with Johnson on the blue team, but admitted that he and his teammates mostly stood around and essentially watched Johnson and Jordan compete one-on-one.

“Magic was not relinquishing the mantle of the man in the NBA ... until after that scrimmage,” Mullin said. 

Watch Mullin and the Dream Team in the 1992 men’s basketball final Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on NBCSN. 

Here are the timestamps for Haberstroh’s interview with Mullin:

10:28 -- 1996 Bulls vs. 2017 Warriors?

16:07 -- How MJ and Pippen felt about Toni Kukoc

22:07 -- Charles Barkley and Bobby Knight clashing in '84

29:01 -- The famous Jordan vs. Magic scrimmage in Monte Carlo

42:18 -- Dream Team vs. other U.S. Olympic squads

53:01 -- A Zoom call for the ages

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