Iverson Graces Slam Cover, Plus A.I. Sneaker Gallery


Allen Iverson celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday and to help him celebrate, the hoops heads over at Slam Magazine put him on the cover of their 150th issue. It's not just any cover shot though, it's the classic Iverson with the afro popped out from back in the day.

Not only do they have an interview with Iverson by Tzvi Twersky, in which A.I. says he hopes to return to the NBA some day, but they also put together a photo gallery of A.I.'s footwear through the years.

My favorite is clearly the original Reebok Question. Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I owned the originals, in the baby blue variety, back in the day, but they're a sneaker that bring me back to playing ball at Bailey Park in Havertown.

I lost interest in the sneaker game once I stopped playing on a regular basis, so many of the kicks after the original Questions just don't register with me. But those Reeboks pictured below were up there with my original Penny Hardaway Nike's that were basically all white with a splash of blue and black as my favorite basketball sneakers I ever owned. Maybe the original Dee Brown Pumps were up there as well.

(I think I may have had some Grant Hill Fila's or something too.)

But the entire Iverson sneaker gallery is worth checking out here.

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