JoePa's Hip Surgery Successful


More good news following a great weekend in Happy Valley. After the Nittany Lions manhandled MSU on Saturday, Joe Paterno underwent hip replacement surgery to repair an injury he sustained while demonstrating an onside kick in August. (video? anyone?)

The 81-year-old coach was expected to get back on his feet Monday
following the procedure at Mount Nittany Medical Center, the team said
in a statement. Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, the school's director of
athletic medicine, led the surgical team.

"Dr. Sebastianelli reports that all objectives were accomplished and
that Paterno is resting comfortably and anxious to get home," the
statement said.

Paterno is expected to resume coaching on Dec. 1, when players return to school following Thanksgiving break.

Praise and health be to JoePa. More on the PSU-MSU game shortly.


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