Let's Not Spiral Out of Control


After reading some of the comments in the Eagles game thread on Sunday and subsequent post-game follow up, I felt for Donovan McNabb a bit. Did I feel bad he didn't know you can play to a tie in the NFL? Abosultey not. That's inexcusable. But more for the comments I read here.

I get it: the facts are clear, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid are not getting the job done and the troubles are continually mounting and reaching new levels of head shaking. Even the most ardent McNabb supporters, myself included, are questioning if we've seen the last of the once great quarterback leading this Eagles team on an exciting post-season run. There are serious concerns with this team. And they need to be addressed.

I feel like the tone of comments around here has gotten a little out of hand. Calling Andy Reid a fat piece of sh*t or repating your hatred for Donovan McNabb over and over accomplishes nothing and simply makes you look immature and stupid. Not to mention bringing the whole dialouge down. Whatever happened to constructive criticism? This site is better than turning into unreadable posts of commenters complaining. I'm not trying to preach, just trying to get things a little more civil in hopes of leading to better conversations. We know there are serious issues but how can they be fixed?

You can say you think the Eagles should move on to Kevin Kolb and that Andy Reid needs to go. I'm not completely sold on both of those points but I'll certainly listen to your arguments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but nobody values your opinion when it's only a bunch of hollow insults. Insult Donovan's game, insult Andy's decisions but this is about football.

Ashley Fox wrote a real nice column today about how Donovan McNabb deserves a graceful exit. And he certainly does for his resume of work in this town. I'm just not so sure he's going to get one. That pisses me off almost as much as losing.

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