Live 16. I mean, July 4th on the Parkway


Fireworks lit up the Ben Franklin Parkway and the Phillies lit up the state of Western Pennsylvania.  They are a different state than us, read the Declaration of Constitutions of Interdependantude, it says so.

Chillin' on the Parkway with some cold ones is something you can get used to real quick on a nice summer night.  Live 8 and last night's Elton John performance as part of Welcome America were both a great time.  Philadelphia Freedom.  Elton John put on a nice show with some great crowd pleasers.  I would say he topped 80% of the Live 8 acts from two days prior.

The 4th on the Parkway was much more laid back and I had a much better spot to hear the music as well as the great fireworks show.

I posted just a few of my pictures in an album here.

The Phillies bats came alive and Bobby Abreu went yard with the bases full.  Corey Lidle pitched well and the Phillies get a win just when I pronounce that it is self evident that they stink.  (see post below)  I didn't catch much of the game, but I have to admit, I did a triple take when I saw the score of 11-1.

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