McNabb: ‘Let's Add Some Weapons'


Late Monday evening Donovan McNabb let the world know that he believes the Eagles should add some more playmakers.  He's not just barking -- punny! -- for wideouts on offense.  He's calling for the Eagles to add playmakers in all three phases of the game.

You can't argue with how the Patriots went outside their locker room
and stocked up on playmakers last year. It certainly helped to have
Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, Wes Welker and Adalius Thomas making
plays for them all year.

I'm surprised that anyone would have a problem with me, or anyone
else in the organization, expressing a desire to bring in more quality
players. We were 8-8. There is room for improvement. This is a
competitive sport. It's about putting together the best players, the
best team, and giving yourself the best chance to win.

Donovan's worried about being criticized for voicing his opinion.  I will not criticize but rather nod my head in agreement and echo number five's sentiments.

Yo, Andy.  Add some playmakers this off-season.

>>Let's add some weapons [Donovan McNabb]

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