McNabb Wants To Retire As An Eagle, Says Deion Is Off


Donovan McNabb has been making the media rounds down in Tampa, even appearing as an analyst on SportsCenter, and he's been asked a lot about his future. Donovan rebukes Deion Sanders claims that he "knows" McNabb wants out of Philly. McNabb firmly states he wants to retire as an Eagle and notes, "Deion's not speaking for me."

The quote to come out of Five's time down in Tampa that I've enjoyed the most is the one about the Philly fans.

Les Bowen reports:

Earlier, in a tour of radio row at the Super Bowl media center in
Tampa, McNabb said: “I have talked to the fans, especially early on in
my career, about helping to bring a Super Bowl back to Philadelphia,”
he said. “We got so close and we got close this year. I want to bring
that back to Philadelphia because they deserve it. The Phillies won it
and that was a great thing. I’ve been there 10 years and we’ve been so
close and I want to be able to have that parade down Broad Street. I
want to tell the fans that, ‘Hey, we’ve been working extremely hard to
bring the Super Bowl back to Philadelphia and I want to do that for the
fans.’ ”

Now I know talk is cheap but it's nice to see Donovan, after all of the crap between he and the fans over the past decade, still says the right things about bringing this town a parade.

Here's a shot of McNabb at the Madden Party captured by Chris Mottram of The Sporting Blog which makes me wonder, what ever happened to that Super Five clothing line?

>>McNabb: 'I want to retire an Eagle' [Daily News]

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