MLB 08 The Show Featuring Ryan Howard Looks Sick


It's been a quite a while since I've played a video game (I believe I bought one of the Tiger Woods golf games 2 years ago or so) but MLB 08 The Show which features Ryan Howard on the cover may make me go dust off my PSX that's probably hidden in my parents basement.

Brian Powell of The Sporting Blog has a full review of the game and praises it as one of the best baseball videogames ever: "The visuals the game puts before you are absolutely amazing and the
players look like doppelgangers of their real selves. The commentary of
Matt Vasgersian, Rex Hudler, and Dave Campbell is spot on and even the
umpires give you attitude from time to time.

Over at the newly branded Yahoo! Sports Blog, MLB writer 'Duk has a quick Q&A with Ryan Howard about the game.  Howard in response to being asked about Jose Reyes gracing the cover of rival baseball game 2K8, (laughing) "2K8, yeah, I saw that. Hey, this (rivalry) isn’t just on the field anymore. We’re taking it into the stores!"

Check out this video promo consisting of a Ryan Howard commercial spot followed by some sort of montage.  The look of the Liberty Bell ringing in centerfield after The Big Guy flips his bat after a homer makes me want to run out and buy this.

You can watch a higher quality version of the commercial at Playstation's official site here.

A video of different screen caps of Ryan Howard in the game.  (turn volume down)

Here's another video featuring the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.

More RyHo screen caps here.

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