Morning Extras: Do We Have Any Hall of Famers?


Calling all legends! Calling all legends!

Still basking in the glow of a championship in Philadelphia, for the first time in a quarter century we've had a team – a cohesive unit of players – that reached the pinnacle of their profession. For years, especially when some teams weren't all that competitive, we could only hang out hats on the bevy of individual stars we had the honor of watching. This town has been blessed with some huge names in sports, and some legit Hall of Famers.

In doing some research for my interview with JE Skeets last night (funny that Enrico and I actually did not talk about the interview until after he linked to the BBall Jones) I wrote a question about Allen Iverson and how he went from being a Philadelphia lifer to NBA journeyman in three years. Skeets even suggested during the show that it's not out of the realm of possibility that Iverson will be traded AGAIN this year.

But AI got me to thinking. There's no doubt that Iverson is a Hall of Famer. But since he's moved on, are there any Hall of Famers left?

Yes, many people look at Donovan McNabb's numbers and say he's a Hall of Famer. He is a five-time Pro-Bowler and has throw for, to date, 27,776 yards in his career with a completion percentage of 58.9%. For comparison, Peyton Manning has been named to the Pro Bowl eight times, and has thrown for 43,874 yards while completing 64% of his passes in one more season of play.

That said, John Elway only completed 56.9 percent of his passes and people make the case that he's the best quarterback of all time. Oh yes, he has two Super Bowl titles and was there five times in his career. Elway boasts a 14-7 career record in the playoffs. McNabb is 7-5 in the post season, and inexplicably has not played in a post season game or been named to the Pro Bowl since 2004.

If you look at the Hall of Fame quarterbacks,every one of the 23 names from the modern era has either won a Super Bowl, been named All-Pro or MVP or in the case of Jim Kelly, took his team to the championship game four times. Even Warren Moon was an All-Pro in 1990 and he got in based on his years in Canada as well.

Factoring in Brett Favre, Manning and even Tom Brady, McNabb's numbers look favorable against guys like, say Matt Hasselbeck, but not against anyone in or slated for the Hall of Fame.

So basically, McNabb needs to win a championship to be a lock. If he gets there again, or makes a few more Pro Bowls, he'll have the best case.But after him, who else?Dawkins? Runyan? Maybe. Westbrook is the team's best player, but he only has 5,223 rushing yards in his career. Terrell Davis had that in just over two seasons and he's not in the Hall of Fame.Maybe Westbrook can become a Hall of Famer, but is he one now?

The Sixers are far too young to have anyone who might be a Hall of Famer. Elton Brand is a nice player, but I don't think he's reached the Hall of Fame level just yet.

The Flyers don't have anyone that seems close. Sure, they have talented youngsters as well, but if their careers ended today, would you even remember some of these guys, let alone consider them as legends. Maybe Derian Hatcher has the career pedigree to be considered, but not necessarily for his play in Philadelphia. Besides, when you think of him, do you immediately think Hall of Fame?

The Phillies are the most interesting case. Twenty years ago, Pat Burrell might have Hall of Fame numbers, but not in the era he's playing in now. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are on pace, but they wouldn't even make the ballot if they quit the game right now. But the most interesting case might be Jamie Moyer. If he keeps going the way he's going, he will get some serious consideration. Hall of Fame voters love those slop-armed veterans.

Gone are the Mike Schmidts and Steve Carltons. Gone are the Dr. J's and Charles Barkleys. Gone are the Bernie Parents and Bobby Clarkes and even Eric Dejardins Desjardins.

Also gone are the Iversons, the Lindroses, the Abreus, the TOs.

So I ask you, commenters, are we living in an era when Philadelphia has no Hall of Famers?And isn't rooting for a championship team so much better than one great player?


• First link goes to Soft Pretzel Logic, which has put out a new Philly-region college basketball poll. It will be updated each week, and yours truly is a voter. Send me your suggestions every week and we'll see how the season shakes out.

• Next, Enrico has a story on Fanhouse about McNabb taking Ocho Cinco under his Wingo. Couldn'ta done that a few years ago with another petulant wideout, eh Five?

• Commenter Andy Tulin wrote for that Andy Reid should be fired for the holidays. Give him hell like he gives it to us. (He's actually quite nice).

• Sam Donnellon says that Charlie Manuel should have been the Manager of the Year and anyone who doesn't agree was just star struck with the likes of Sweet Lou and Joe Torre and Tony Larussa. Even though Charlie finished ahead of two of those three.

• We'll get back to the photo tomorrow. For the last point, please click here to read my look on at the Sunday Night Football production by NBC and Al Michaels and John Madden. It's long, but it's a quick read. Let me know here, or there, what you think of it.

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