Morning Extras: What Now?

Share's over eh? The election too, huh? Very well then. There's still a lot to root for in this city, right? Let's see here.Oh yes, the Eagles still play football in that stadium they used for overflow of the Phillies celebration.Let's see how they are doing this year. Hmm...5-3, out of the playoffs for now, but riding back-to-back wins after a bye week. Not bad. Ah, I see they play the 7-1 Giants this week in quite a big game.

(Flipping pages of imaginary newspaper...) Ah, I see the Flyers are playing the hockey already. They are 4-4-3 thus far this season and have scored more goals than any team in the Eastern Conference.

(Flipping again...)Oh yes, the 76ers have begun their season. Elton Brand is on the squad now. Hmm, they lost a tough one on the road last night to the Miami Heat, falling to 2-3 on the young season.

(Flipping once more...) I see the Cherry Hill East girls volleyball team is having an exciting season.Wait, WHAT?

Yes, there is THAT little to talk about the week after the Phillies won the World Series that the sports section of has in their "Latest Columns" box a story on Nick Saban, the aforementioned high school volleyball story (I'm actually a proponent of high school sports coverage in newspapers, and this is no indictment on Phil Anastasia, but I always find it visually hilarious to watch old men sportswriters interview high school girls. Seems like Dateline should be in the stands, just in case) and a look at the high school players in South Jersey who remind Bob Cooney of the Phillies.Yep. He even admitted in his lede that the idea is about as silly as it sounds.

YOU KNOW it's still tough to wipe the Phillies' World Series title out of our minds, despite the fact that their season's been over for more than a week. So in keeping with the Phillies theme, we'd like to compare some of South Jersey's football players who we've seen so far this season to some of those who played a part in the Phillies' magical run.

Yes, there is a story on the actual Phillies, as Conlin wonders who will leave now that Ruben Amaro is the King of the Phillies world. And there are two stories on the Eagles, but is this what we have waiting for us for the next three months until pitchers and catchers report? A few residual Phils stories, tales of the Birds not looking past teams they handily beat and high school sports? Maybe Penn State will do something historic to distract us for a few weeks.

The Sixers are young and exciting. They should make the playoffs and can hopefully do some damage in the now insanely tough Eastern Conference. The Flyers can score, but can't stop anyone.They need defensive help and seem to be getting face-off advice from Bob Clarke. The Eagles...well they are who we thought they were, aren't they?

There are peaks and valleys to the sports calendar every year.Usually, the biggest valley is during the summer, when all there is to watch is baseball. But this year the Phillies carried us through the summer months and pushed the start of football, basketball and hockey seasons to the back. Until now. We've had a week to digest, celebrate and recuperate.Now it's really football season. And basketball season. And hockey season.

And, for what it's worth, girls volleyball season.Go Team(s).


• I like the Sixers, but am not a fan of the NBA game. For those who are, did you know that The Basketball Jones is doing videocasts now? Daily? Insane and worth a watch.

• Speaking of insane...our friends at Igglesblog took a lot of time to do this. A look at last week's win should get the juices flowing for the big game this week.

• Gonzo, I tried to link to your story on backup quarterbacks, but both links were dead.

• Lots of Philly sports figures were happy with Barack Obama's election, including one fellow from the Windy City.

• DMac has a quote from The New Republic that I think got it from Newsweek...anyway, our new POTUS needs some soap for his mouth, perhaps.As DMac points out, Chase Utley approves this message.

• There's a nice photo on the Flyers website of assistant captain Kimmo Timonen with a caption that reads: Join the Flyers Wives at the Flyers vs. Lightning game on Saturday, November 8 at 7 p.m. for the official Flyers Wives Fight For Lives Carnival Kick-Off. Tickets are available by clicking here or calling 800.298.4200. ...more

Before you click...the "...more" just goes to get tickets, with no information or reference to the Carnival. Thanks for eliminating all the foreplay Flyers!

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