Nationals ‘Take Back the Park' Campaign Likely a Boon for Stubhub


The Washington Nationals are sick* of Phillies fans taking over their ballpark and turning it into Citizens Bank Park South for three game series at a time. So they're trying to do something about it. How do they plan to try and keep Phillies fans away? By selling tickets to the Phillies series for an entire month only to people with a credit card tied to a Maryland, DC, or Virginia address.

This may sound wise in theory, but to me it's just a boon for Stubhub. Some enterprising DC resident will purchase a bunch of tickets, put them up on Stubhub and resell them to Phillies fans for a profit.

And that doesn't even take into account the thousands of displaced Phillies fans who happen to live in and around our nation's capital.

Can't keep us down.

It is a cute gesture by the Nationals organization though. Makes it look like they're trying.

>>Nationals launch 'Take Back the Park' campaign [DC Sports Bog]

*or they're just pretend acting like they're sick of selling lots of tickets that happen to be going to fans of the opposition

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