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New Jersey mayor apologizes after video shows woman yelling at Kylie Kelce

Margate City Mayor Michael Collins apologized to Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce after a video showed a woman yelling at Kylie.

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The mayor of an Atlantic County town apologized to Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie Kelce after a viral video surfaced showing a woman confronting Kylie and yelling at her.

“On behalf of the City of Margate, I’d like to formally apologize to Jason & Kylie Kelce for the experience they had in Margate City over the holiday weekend,” Margate City Mayor Michael Collins wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “As a father with young children, I know as well as anyone the importance of a date night with your wife and would like to offer a redo date night with dinner on me.”

On Tuesday, the popular Philly-based podcast, WTTW Podcast posted a short clip on Instagram of a woman yelling at Kylie Kelce while Jason Kelce watched.

“You’ll never be allowed in this town again,” the woman yells.

The clip doesn’t show what led to the confrontation and only lasts for a few seconds.

Hugh E. Dillon, the creator of the blog Philly ChitChat, stated the incident occurred while Kylie and Jason Kelce were spending Memorial Day weekend in Sea Isle, New Jersey, and on their way to the restaurant Steve & Cookie’s in Margate Saturday night.

Dillon wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the woman demanded a photo with Kylie Kelce who replied that she was on a date with her husband. Dillon stated the woman “wouldn’t take no for an answer” and began screaming at Kylie Kelce. Dillon said Kylie and Jason then walked into the restaurant and “enjoyed their night.”

“The best part of the video is Jason is just standing back and letting Kiley do what she does best which is shut this woman down,” Dillon said. “So much credit to Kiley, who just said her say and walked into the restaurant.”

Neither Kylie Kelce nor Jason Kelce have commented publicly on the incident or Mayor Collins' apology.

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