Please Don't Make Jack McInerney Do the Weather Report Ever Again


For whatever reason, there seems to be a trend of local newscasts bringing in celebrities or athletes to jump in during the weather forecast portion of the show to try and generate a few yucks while also getting a free plug for their movie/game/whatever. Mark Wahlberg was actually decent recently while in Philly. Because basically he attempted to make a fool of himself and all involved. But goal-scoring machine for the Philadelphia Union, Jack McInerney, was not trained in Hollywood. He's trained on the soccer field. So when he appeared on CBS today to deliver the weather, it did not go as smoothly.

So, people of Philadelphia, please go see a Union game this summer, or at least purchase a t-shirt at your local Modell's. Just so they don't make poor Jack Mac do the weather again.

As a low pressure system flows across the Delaware Valley, Jack said he didn't "know what the 'L' means."

Union fans are hoping that's still the case on Saturday.

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