Quotable: Reed Thinks Reid Messed Up


Ravens safety Ed Reed is a player who I have a tremendous amount of respect for.  I hoped he would fall to the Eagles in the '02 Draft, but Baltimore snapped him up two picks ahead.  All he's done in the seven years since then is intercept 37 passes, block 3 punts, score 10 touchdowns, gone to four Pro Bowls, and once been named Defensive Player of the Year.  Rarely will I say it about such a young player, but he's already built a strong case for the Hall.

So unlike a lot of athletes, when Ed Reed speaks, I'm usually interested in what he has to say.

“After the game I asked [Donovan] because I couldn’t believe it,” Reed said.
“You know I was like, ‘Are you hurt?’  And he was like, ‘No.’  So for
them to take a quarterback of his caliber and what he’s done for that
organization . . . you know that’s a hell of a move.

“That’s like taking Tom Brady out without having knee surgery.  He’s been to the Super Bowl,
he’s been to NFC championships.  You can’t put one particular game on
one particular player, I mean even if he’s in a drought it’s tough to
say, but he’s throwing the ball 50, almost 60 times a game.  You’re
asking him to produce, now come on, you’ve got to have a running game
in this league
, you have to have some sort of running game to help your
passing game and vice versa.  So you know he might be going through a
little slump, but that’s no reason, after all the years he’s put in to
just give up on a guy.”

I know a lot of people were thrilled when Kevin Kolb entered the game, but the general consensus is it was a terrible decision, not simply because he made the move, but the timing of it.  Close game, season on the line, and against possibly the best defense in the NFL.

As we've become accustomed to, Andy set his quarterback up for failure, and even though the rest of the league can see it, the head coach remains oblivious.  Right now, it doesn't matter who the starter is, if this run/pass ratio continues the Eagles most likely will not win another game this season.

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