Riley Cooper Says Cary Williams Scuffle Had Nothing to Do with Racial Slur


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After watching Eagles corner Cary Williams get into a scuffle with teammate Riley Cooper at practice this morning, most fans immediately wondered if the incident had anything at all to do with Cooper's infamous use of a racial slur at a country music concert this offseason. It's hard not to let your mind take you there. But Cooper spoke with reporters following the little scrap at practice today and shot that notion down.

[VIDEO: Cooper and Williams get into scrap at practice on Thursday]

CSN's Geoff Mosher has a series of tweets explaining Cooper's side of things:

Williams, for his part, opted not to discuss the scrap. From the Inquirer's Jeff McLane:

And Mike Vick's thoughts via CSN's Roob:

Michael Vick on the Cary Williams-Riley Cooper skirmish at practice: “Cary’s a guy who’s very animated, who’s very angry sometimes, and that’s just how he is. We know him, but we love him to death, we embrace him, we accept him. It was early, it was real early to be doing a 1-on-1 competitive period when practice just started, so both of those guys probably had a chip on their shoulder, and they’ve been going back and forth all summer, so it was bound to happen. I just don’t want those guys getting into those type of interactions as of right now. There are a lot of things that we’ve got to focus on, and they’ve got to understand the big picture.”

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