Roy Halladay Talks Chooch Doll with MLBN


As we mentioned in our game thread, the national media is out in force in Philadelphia this week with the highly-anticipated Red Sox v. Philies series taking place at Citizens Bank Park.

One of the added benefits of the amped up coverage is getting a guy like Roy Halladay to open up a bit to the goofballs on MLB Network. Doc talked with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on "Intentional Talk" prior to Tuesday night's game and one of the topics covered was the inflatable Carlos Ruiz doll used in his video game commercial for MLB 2K11 (watch the video game spot here).

On playing in Philadelphia:

"I love it. I mean, the media actually has been very good. I think you have a certain responsibility every five days, you do your thing. It's been great. To come to the park everyday, it's sold out, there's energy. It makes the day games easier, you come back from a road trip and have something to look forward to. It really has been awesome."

On the Chooch doll in the 2K11 Commercial: "You know what, my son stole him, but there's been a lot of requests, everybody's trying to find it. Apparently there's only two, and one of them disappeared. I'm going to have to put that one under lock and key."

Also, his son was sleeping with the Chooch doll. Awesome.

Watch the full interview on MLB Network here.

Jimmy Rollins also joined in on the fun as well. Watch J-Roll's segment here.

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