Sheldon Brown Does Not Agree With Donovan McNabb


We first pointed you to Donovan McNabb's blog post in which he says the Eagles need to add some weapons this off season.  I found this action to be refreshing and something that shows he's willing to step up, be a leader, and voice his opinion.  Surely it's a sentiment shared by most Birds fans.  Others interpreted the quarterback's wishes quite differently and Sheldon Brown simply disagreed.

Sheldon was a guest on Sunday night's Sports Final and seems very willing to speak his mind.  I certainly don't agree with Brown, who seems to imply that McNabb was "throwing teammates under the bus."  Perhaps Brown's lowest blow was when he says, in regards to the defense forcing turnovers, "Whats the point if the offense isn't going to do anything with them."

The full 9 minute interview video after the jump.

Howard Eskin and Sheldon Brown seem to be on team "we don't need to add playmakers, we have players who can make plays," while John Clark seems to actually get something right for once asserting that a good kick returner is indeed a playmaker.

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