Sixers Come Back From Down 26 to Beat Pacers in Indy


Wow. Are you kidding me?! The Sixers took us on a roller coaster ride on Friday night.

The Sixers allowed the Pacers to score 38 points in the first quarter. Mo Cheeks must have had some words for them at half time because they only allowed 35 points in the entire second half. The defense and hustle levels in the second half were vastly improved and the Sixers came back from being down 26 points in the first half to win on the road for the second straight game.

Willie Green was a great spark off the bench and Thaddeus Young really stepped up and scored a career high 25 points. That kid is going to be a plyer. Hell, he already is. Maybe a big comeback win like tonight will help put some butts in the seats when they get back to Philly.

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