Spencer Hawes and Swaggy P. Discuss Mullets


Nick Young felt the need for some change yesterday and had his barber do something quite a bit different with his hair -- unique even. Swaggy P's new look was a popular topic of conversation in the locker room prior to the Sixers contest in South Philadelphia with the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

Asked what the new 'do was called, Swaggy got creative.

"It's the Shaggy P," he said.

Fellow strange-hair-wearer Spencer Hawes weighed in with a few thoughts of his own.

"It's the black mullet, the bullet," Hawes joked.

But is it really a mullet? Bad-hair connoisseur Trey Kerby wrote earlier in the day that it is, in fact, a mullet.

We pushed Swaggy for clarification. Is the Shaggy P. really a mullet?

"Kind of," he said with a smile.

In related news, Swaggy is out of tonight's contest with an ankle injury.

photo via Instagram

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