Still Football Season


One of the great things about football season is its length.  While it would be nice if it were around longer, it rarely wears out its welcome.

This has been a difficult week, but there are precious few games remaining on the schedule, and before you know it the calendar hits February and it's over.  Maybe the Eagles don't make the playoffs this time, but what kind of fans are we that we can't even make it through 16 games?

Plus, like I always say, who among us does not love watching a huge trainwreck?

Admit it, this team has officially become tastefully bad, entertainingly inept, amusingly incompetent, and as much as you want and try, there is no looking away.  We'll all groan and yell, and after the game we'll still be angry and annoyed, but the truth is you need to see it to believe it.

It's sad that is what this Eagles season boils down to, but it's not the first time and I guarantee it will not be the last.


For those of you who aren't buying any of that crap, I've come up with a fun game that is sure to make Sunday enjoyable with the added bonus of putting you to bed before the Giants play.

Eagles pass - 1 sip
Play action pass - 2 sips
Eagles run - 2 sips
Run for 1st down - 3 sips
3 and out - half a beer
Convert any 3rd and 1 - chug beer
Turnover - 1 shot
Red zone FG - shotgun beer

Dadiv Akers misses any FG over 40 yards - 2 sips
Reggie Brown catches a pass - 3 sips
DeSean Jackson runs or throws - 4 sips
Greg Lewis token catch - 5 sips
Any stupid play by L.J. Smith - 6 sips
Dan Klecko gets the ball - half a beer
Fade pattern to Hank Baskett - 1 shot
Lorenzo Booker gets the ball - chug beer
McNabb stuffed on QB sneak - 1 shot

At least now you should have no clue what's going on by the end.  Feel free to add your own rules in the comments.


Several bloggers and reporters are finished with their predictions for the year, but with my 4-6 record, I press on.  Someone out there is earning quite a bit of money every week doing the opposite of what I say, so whoever you are, don't forget about me this holiday season.

It's completely pointless to even speculate what the Eagles actually intend to do against the Ravens, but here is what should happen.

The Ravens are ranked third overall in the NFL for rushing, but they are first in attempts by more than 2 carries per game and only 20th in yards per carry.  Baltimore likes to wear teams down by keeping the ball on the ground, but are not nearly as efficient as a team like the Giants.  The Eagles defense has been challenged by the running game on a few occasions this season, however they can most likely contain this particular group.  The goal is to force the ball into the hands of rookie QB Joe Flacco.  Flacco has really surprised so far, but as long as Willis McGahee isn't running wild, I always give the edge to Jim Johnson against a rookie quarterback.  There is one caveat to that though: this asshole will run.  In fact, last week he picked up 57 yards on foot against the Giants.

Sunday marks the first time in 2008 the Eagles are faced with a legitimate scrambling threat from the QB.  (Seneca Wallace has the ability, but they were simply outmatched in personnel.)  John Harbaugh knows Jim Johnson's defense and this group of young linebackers, so there is no doubt he already plans to exploit their weakness covering the tight end.  Now one of these guys has to spy Flacco too?  The chess match between these these coaches might be the difference.  If the Ravens are able to score touchdowns, there is no confidence in our offense to match against the Ray Lewis led defense.

I like the Eagles (+1) though.  I have absolutely no reason to believe anything special is on the way, but they have also made too many late runs to count them out, especially facing a team with a rookie head coach and quarterback who compete in one of the worse divisions in football.

And if I'm wrong, I probably won't it remember anyway.

Final Score: Eagles 20, Ravens 19

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