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Share was featured in an article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  (UPDATE: the Inquirer link no longer appears to work, you can read the text of the article here.) I sat down with the author, Will Hobson, to talk about Philly sports, the origins of this website, and many other random topics.  It's a nice little article and I'd like to thank Will for asking us to sit down with him.

Perhaps my favorite parts of the article were the quotes used from some other Philly sports personalities.  610 WIP's Glen Macnow, one of the enjoyable Philly sports talk hosts, had this to say, "[Enrico] writes it with a sense of humor, and he covers the gamut of things.
He finds interesting stories early."  Also, A.J. Daulerio says we notice the nuances -- like him in a Tyrone Hill jersey.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.  If there was one thing I would clarify a bit it would be this quote, "I don't want to be the next legendary sports writer; I just want to be
the next Sports Guy [Bill Simmons of, who came to fame as an
Internet columnist], or Will Leitch."  While I may have said that, it probably came out slightly wrong.  I don't really want to be the next Simmons or Leitch.  It's more of continuing down a similar path that they have lead the way in writing from a fans point of view and having fun with it all.

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>>Blogger gets into the game [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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