The Latest On Bryzgalov in Philly, On Twitter


After Matt took an in-depth look at all of the issues surrounding the Ilya Bryzgalov-to-the-Flyers situation, we're treated to a couple of new nuggets of information on this Friday afternoon.

As seen above, as depicted by Where's Weems, Bryz was out on the town seeing the fine sites that Philadelphia has to offer.

Word is that everything went well between the two sides, and while no deal is in place, everything seems to be pointing in the right direction for one to eventually get done. CSN's Tim Panaccio has the latest:

All indications from the Flyers is that things went well and no one will leave town worried something won’t get done.
The majority of hard negotiating, apparently, was completed Thursday. Neither side would comment.

And then there was word that Bryzgalov has joined Twitter. (we haven't confirmed that is in fact him, but it appears to be so)

One tweet read: " Ждите новостей !! Скоро скоро"

Which Google translates as such, "expect news soon soon."

And then there was the official word from Paul Holmgren, "We
have spoken with Ilya and his agent Ritch Winter about many different
scenarios. As for now, we both know each other’s position and have
agreed to speak again next week."

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