The Return of Kyle Korver!


The Utah Jazz and former Sixers heartthrob Kyle Korver are in Philadelphia to play in front of a packed house at the Wachovia Center tonight. Korver returns to the city that helped him find himself as a man but not before an adjustment period.

Korver on Philly:

“Everyone knows I
hated it here, at first,” Korver said. “It took me a year or two to get
used to it. I really got to know the city a lot and the people in it. I
love it now.

“Philly's got a lot of memories for me. I feel
like this is where I found myself as a man. I have a lot of close
friends here and I still have a home here. There's definitely part of
my heart that's here, for sure.”

I'm curious what kind of welcome the raucous South Philly fans will give the gunner. While Korver went through some tough times in Philly, most notably when his defense was attrocious, I think Philly thinks he was an alright Sixer.

Korver's return aside, the Sixers are a team struggling to find an identity. Elton Brand is coming off some of the lowest output performances of his career and Mo Cheeks admits they're going through a big adjustment period.

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