The Story Behind Andy Reid's Yosemite Sam Mustache Revealed


Andy Reid has been rocking a pretty fantastic mustache this season on the Philadelphia Eagles sideline. He's been known to have a normal 'stache for much of his career, but the tuft on his upper lip this season has grown particularly flowing/awesome. SI's Peter King got the lowdown on the reason behind the growth.

According to King, Reid has been growing the 'stache out to honor a man who coached him as a youngster that passed away recently.

Reid is growing the mustache as a tribute to high school offensive line
coach Andy Cheschelski, who died of cancer earlier this year in Los
Angeles. Reid played for two coaches, Cheschelski and his offensive
coordinator, Danny Hime, who had flowing mustaches. When Cheschelski
died this year, Reid told Hime he'd stop trimming the mustache to pay
homage to a coach who he says taught him much about football and about

A solid gesture from Big Red, for sure.

I think we can all agree that we all aspire to some day be honored by ridiculous facial hair.

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