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‘There's a new Owl in town' — Temple University unveils new athletics logo

Temple University introduces a brand new look for the athletic department logo featuring a bold white Temple "T' and white owl graphic.

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Temple University introduced a brand new look for the athletic department logo Tuesday morning.

"There’s a new Owl in town. Bold. Fierce. Majestic and sleek." the university said as it unveiled a white Temple "T" and white owl graphic on social media.

The well-known Temple “T” will remain the primary design but the university said the updated secondary owl logo will represent the mascot, athletic traditions and legacy.

“When we set out to update our previous mark, we were looking for something that would really represent the essence of who Owls are. We wanted something that would be recognizable and that our entire community could rally around,” said acting Temple President JoAnne A. Epps in a statement. “This mark is everything we wanted.”

University officials said, close to 30 years ago the former owl was designed by students, and now the new logo draws its inspiration, from the university’s past, while looking ahead to the future.

“We wanted a modern logo because we’re not in the nineties anymore,” said Senior Associate Athletic Director Scott Walcoff in a statement. “The university has evolved. North Philadelphia has evolved. Temple Athletics has evolved. We are in a new era and this new mark sends that message.”

The university collaborated with Joe Bosack, Temple’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture alum and founder and creative director at Joe Bosack and Co, to refresh the logo.

“I’ve worked on brand identity for athletics departments at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, but when Temple reached out, I was thrilled for the opportunity,” Bosack said.

Bosack worked alongside current students to create drawings and listen to focus groups until they came up with the final design.

Stella the red owl and Hooter the mascot will both remain a big part of Temple University, according to officials.

The new logo is now available on merchandise at the Temple University store.

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