Tie, Eagles, Tie! On The Road to Mediocrity!


There isn't too much to say after a tie, so I'm just going to spit it out.

- In the coming weeks we'll be discussing the things this organization needs to do in the off-season to put its program back on track, but enough cannot be said for the failures of Andy Reid as the head coach.  I was careful last week not to deflect much criticism onto Reid after the defense allowed over 200 yards on the ground, but that doesn't mean I am letting him off the hook.

McNabb slogged through the entire game yesterday, yet the coaches never dialed down the throwing, calling 60 passes to 17 runs, almost a five-to-one difference.  Astounding.  After a fumble, three interceptions, several near-misses, and despite hovering below 50% completion all afternoon, time and time again the quarterback dropped back with basically the same results.

Donovan was terrible, but the head coach needs to put his players in a better position to win the game and not just say that's what he's going to do every week.  If it's a matter of Westbrook not being 100%, why don't we get more Buckhalter?  If it's because the fullback can't open up holes, why not acquire a real fullback?  Whatever it is they're doing now obviously isn't working.

For the few people out there who believe Reid should keep his job because he is the winningest coach in Eagles history or whatever insane rationale, I ask this: how many games must coaching cost this team before we can agree that past achievements do not equal current success?

- In Andy's defense, this notion the Eagles should have gone for it on 4th and 1 from their own 22 late in overtime is mindless.  For one thing, the Eagles defense or special teams could have won the game on a turnover or blocked field goal return for a touchdown.  I'd also like to add while no one is happy with a tie, it still isn't a loss.  Think about it.  In the unlikely event the Eagles finish the season with 10 wins, is it better to be 10-5-1 or 10-6?  Considering they would lose tiebreakers to just about any team in the NFC, the distinction between a loss and a tie could theoretically be the difference in making the playoffs.

That's right, playoffs.  You and I know they won't make it, but they're not going for screwy conversions in an attempt to tank their season just because you quit on them.  Punt was the right call as long as the goal, however distant, is still reaching the post-season.

- Odds on favorite to replace Andy Reid?  I have to guess it's Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Jeffrey Lurie loves the passing game and the Patriots business model, and he subscribes at least in part to Reid's philosophy that throwing the football wins games.  McDaniels would bring his knowledge of a proven spread offense to Philadelphia which may also favorably match our personnel, in particular the abilities of Westbrook and Kevin Kolb.  Westbrook could potentially do much more damage in a system that opens up the middle of the field, and Kolb played in a spread offense at the University of Houston.

- The defense saved the day.  I don't want to go overboard with the praise because it was only the Bengals after all, but they really were relentless.  8 sacks and less than 2 yards per carry.  That's impressive no matter who the opponent.

Cincinnati clearly was having problems at left tackle though.  Levi Jones came out of the game after Trent Cole beat him a few times, but an injury to one of the backups forced him to come back.  Jones appeared to have trouble getting to his feet on more than one occasion, and it didn't seem to matter who lined up against him, they terrorized the quarterback all day.  Still, the defense made a bunch of smart football plays, particularly some of the linemen, and they got the job done.

- Did anyone notice the exchange between Westbrook and Chad Johnson on the Bengals sideline?  As the third quarter closed, Westbrook ran right for a gain of 22 yards before scooting out of bounds.  He wound up beside Johnson, who suddenly grabbed the ball and ripped it out of Westbrook's hands as Fox cut to commercial.  I'm not usually a fan of Johnson's antics, but I thought this was a humorous spontaneous exchange.

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