Watch Jon Stewart rail on all Philadelphia holds dear: cheesesteaks, Rocky, the Phillie Phanatic


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"A great New York restaurant is being slandered by some jagoff from Philadelphia," Jon Stewart said last night on The Daily Show before he launched into a vicious tirade against the loving city we live in.

All because a cheeseburger from New York burger chain Shake Shack gave Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg diarrhea last week.

"What kind of city takes the parts of the cow normal people throw away, fries it up on a hunk of bread and before serving it up, asks 'you want me to put whiz on that?' I'll tell ya, a city SO F&%^NG DUMB it uses its art museum as exercise equipment. A city so famously f*ed that no animal would represent its baseball team forcing you to go with this f*&$ed up Jim Henson-reject-looking piece of sh!t."

Then he rips on Philadelphia cream cheese which doesn't make a lot of sense since it's not really made here. A flaw in the New Yorker's typically flimsy argument.


It's actually a pretty great segment with a closing remark ripping on the town in New York that Stewart's beloved Mets play in, admitting that it is most certainly a sh!t hole.

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