When Politics and Sports Collide


Does anyone else have a sports hangover after the Phillies World Series?It's been hard to get back into the swing of things on the sports side of the world.Like when you go to camp and make all new friends, culminating in a great party at the end of the summer and then what...school starts?Bleck.

This is what this week is like. If only we had something else going on in the world to distract us this week.

Oh yes, I forgot.


Now I know some people don't like it when politics and sports mix, but they do. So deal with it, at least for one more day.After the jump, we share the videos of the two POTUS candidates talking to Chris Berman. He asks the same questions to each, but they are good interviews.I do wonder, however, how badly he wanted to call them Barack "Around the Clock" Obama and John "Forget the Wheelchair, get me" McCain.

Also interesting today is a link from last week by the Pittsburghians over at Mondesi's House who give us a list of the top athlete/politicians (with a 'Burgh skew of course). I just saw this yesterday so sorry if you've seen it.

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