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Alexander Mattison, Vikings, NFL address racist messages from fans following Eagles TNF loss

The Vikings' running back revealed the racially abusive messages he received from fans after losing a fumble on Thursday Night Football against the Eagles


PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 14: Minnesota Vikings Running Back Alexander Mattison (2) fumbles the ball in the second half during the game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles on September 14, 2023 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

The Minnesota Vikings delivered a statement following the gruesome messages Alexander Mattison received from fans after losing to the Eagles on Thursday Night Football.

The running back, who lost a fumble in the game, revealed some of the abusive and racist messages he received after the 34-28 loss.

"We are sickened by the hatred and racial slurs directed toward Alexander Mattison following last night's game," the statement read. "There simply is no room for racist words or actions in sports or society.

Mattison is in his fifth season with the Vikings. The 25-year-old, who set a career record with five rushing touchdowns last year, has become the team's leading running back after Dalvin Cook's departure.

"The Vikings will continue to fight to eliminate hate, to educate and to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that respects and values our unique backgrounds. We stand with Alexander and all players who, unfortunately, experience this type of ignorant and prejudicial behavior, and we ask our fans to continue to fight to eliminate racism."

In a screenshot Mattison shared of a message that included racial slurs, he wrote, "I hope the 60+ people who decided to come at me with disgustingly disrespectful messages tonight in DMs and comments really reflect on WTF you say and how it could truly affect someone under my helmet. I am a human, a father, a son. This is sick."

NFLPA shared a notice as well, standing by other players who have been affected by hateful messages.

"Any players who'd like info on filtering their inboxes, please head to our IF or send us a DM."

"The NFL strongly condemns the racist comments directed towards Alexander Mattison online after last night's game," the NFL said in a statement. "Such hateful behavior is completely unacceptable in the NFL or anywhere else. We stand firmly with Alexander and remind fans to remember the humanity of all players and celebrate their contributions to the game we all love."

In the Vikings' (0-2) opening two games of the NFL regular season, he totaled 62 yards on 10 carries, recording 28 yards on eight touches against the Eagles.

The Vikings return to play next week against the Los Angeles Chargers (0-1).

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