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10 crazy Travis Fulgham stats you won't believe


My first thought watching Travis Fulgham? This kid's legit.

My second thought? I can't wait to start looking up stats!

Fulgham is a stat-lover's dream. His ridiculous 10-catch, 152-yard bust-out performance for the Eagles on Sunday in Pittsburgh was off the charts in a lot of ways. 

Fulgham, who had his first career reception just seven days earlier, was playing in his fifth NFL game and second for the Eagles.

Here’s 10 of the best Travis Fulgham stats I came up with:

IS HE THE NEXT RED RAMSEY? The Eagles have drafted 13 wide receivers [or ends in the 1950s] in the 6th round since 1950. Travis Fulgham, the Lions’ 6th-round pick last year, had more than twice as many yards against the Steelers Sunday [152] than those 13 WRs had combined in their entire Eagles careers [66]:

  • 0 yards … Quez Watkins [2020] 
  • 0 yards … Marvin McNutt [2012]                                           
  • 0 yards … Brandon Gibson [2009]                                         
  • 14 yards … Troy Smith [1999]                                 
  • 0 yards … Antwuan Wyatt [1997] 
  • 52 yards … Jeff Sydner [1992]     
  • 0 yards … Phillip Riley [1996]                   
  • 0 yards … Victor Oatis [1983]                    
  • 0 yards … Curt Grieve [1982]                     
  • 0 yards … Bob Picard [1973]                                                  
  • 0 yards … Bob Sherlag [1966]
  • 0 yards … Gary Garrison [1965]                              
  • 0 yards … Al Denson [1964]         

The last Eagles 6th-round pick who had more yards in his entire Eagles career than Fulgham had Sunday is Red Ramsey, a 6th-round pick out of Texas Tech in 1938. Ramsey played end for four years for the Eagles and had 624 receiving yards.

QUICK START: Travis Fulgham is the first player in Eagles history with 150 yards within his first five career games. The previous high for most yards by an Eagle player this early in his career was Jeremy Maclin, who had a 142-yard game against Tampa in 2009 in his fourth career game. Only 14 NFL players since 1970 have had more yards within their first five career games. 

HE’S ALREADY HAD A GOOD SEASON: Fulgham is already the first Eagles wide receiver drafted in the 6th round or later with 200 yards in an entire SEASON since 7th-round pick Ron Johnson had 295 in 1989. His 209 yards are the most by any Eagles player drafted in the 6th round or later in a season since fullback Cecil Martin had 219 in 2000.

LIKE HAROLD, LIKE TRAVIS: His 152 yards are the most in a game by an Eagle drafted in the 6th round or later in 47 years. Hall of Famer Harold Carmichael, a 7th-round pick in 1971, had 187 yards in a 27-24 win over the Cards at Busch Stadium in 1973. Harold Jackson, the Rams’ 12th-round pick in 1968, had a 194-yard game for the Eagles in a 30-23 loss to the Giants at Yankee Stadium in 1970. And in 1940, rookie 8th-round pick Don Looney had 180 yards in a 13-6 loss to Washington at Griffith Stadium.  

BIG-PLAY TRAVIS: Although he’s only played two games, Fulgham already has as many catches of 30 yards or more by an Eagles receiver since opening day of LAST year. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson also have two, and Nelson Agholor, Jalen Reagor, Deontay Burnett and Greg Ward have one each. 

ELITE COMPANY (SORT OF): Only 10 other Eagles in history have had 10 catches and 150 yards in a game: Maclin did it twice and Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Terrell Owens, Brian Westbrook, James Thrash, Fred Barnett, Carmichael, Tommy McDonald and Bud Grant did it once each. 

FOUR GUYS IN 50 YEARS: Fulgham is the 4th NFL player in the last 50 years to have a 10-catch, 150-yard game this early in his career — within his first five games. The others are Eddie Bell of the Jets in 1970 [12-for-151 vs. the Colts in his 5th game] Jerry Butler of the Bills in 1979 [10-for-255 vs. the Jets in his 4th game] and Anquan Boldin of the Cards in 2003 [10-for-217 vs. the Lions in his first game].

THE NEXT MARCUS ANDERSON? The last player drafted in the 6th round or later or undrafted with a 150-yard game this early in his career was undrafted Richard Johnson of the Lions, who had 9-for-172 against the Giants in 1989. But he had played in the USFL so it shouldn’t count. Joey Clinkscales, a 9th-round pick, had a 6-for-150 for the Steelers in 1987, but that was in a strike replacement game so that doesn’t count either. So really you have to go back 39 years to Marcus Anderson, who was undrafted in 1981 out of Tulane and only played 12 games in his career but in his fifth game was 6-for-176 against the Lions. He never caught another pass.

HOW IS VICTOR BAILEY ON THIS LIST? With 57 yards against the 49ers and 152 against the Steelers, Fulgham already has the 5th-most yards by any Eagle through five career games in the last 50 years … and only two of those games were with the Eagles. The only Eagles since 1970 with more yards through five career games are DeSean Jackson [335], Keith Jackson [258], Charle Young [239] and Victor Bailey [221]. Fulgham played three games for the Lions last year and didn’t have a catch.

REMEMBER THAT GUY T.O.? Fulgham is the first player with a TD catch in each of his first two games in an Eagles uniform since T.O. had three against the Giants and one against the Vikings the first two weeks of 2004.

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