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Darius Slay is trying to recruit Beckham Jr. to Eagles


When you have even a tiny opportunity to bring in a two-time All-Pro wide receiver, you have to at least take a respectable shot.

And on Tuesday afternoon that's exactly what Eagles cornerback Darius Slay did.

As the NFL waits for the next shoe to drop in Odell Beckham Jr.'s bizarre split from the Cleveland Browns, the Eagles' veteran cornerback made very clear how he feels about the 29-year-old wideout's next stop.

Slay thinks Beckham Jr. should come play for the Eagles, and he's got a pretty strong selling point.

Here's what Slay tweeted to Beckham Jr. on Tuesday:

Giving Beckham Jr. two chances in eight games to face his original team and remind them of what they're missing? It's a pretty good argument!

Now, one might look at Beckham Jr.'s current situation and say he's probably got way more pent-up anger towards the Browns, who are releasing him after the relationship between the player and the organization dissolved in what seems to be a fairly acrimonious meltdown.

But I respect Slay's play here. It's worth taking your shot.

After making multiple All-Pro teams and Pro Bowls during his time in New York, Beckham Jr. never really found his footing in Cleveland. His first year with the Browns had the yards (1,035) but not the touchdowns; his two seasons since have been injury-marred and unproductive. 

Why Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield never meshed is unclear, but he's still a supremely talented, athletic wideout with an elite resume, and he's actually seemed uncharacteristically composed as his relationship with Cleveland has deteriorated. No outbursts, no statements, nothing. Beckham Jr. has been basically radio silent as the Browns made it clear they wanted him out.

Would I take a flier on Beckham Jr.? He can probably be had for extremely cheap at this point, so I guess the answer is yes. He's still a great player. But I can't imagine Howie Roseman is interested in bringing the guy in for eight games and then watching him leave for a contender next year, unless he thinks Beckham Jr. will be won over by the... culture the team has in the NovaCare Complex? Maybe the cheesesteaks? I don't think Jalen Hurts' arm talent (or lack thereof) will be the selling point.

Beckham Jr. is reportedly interested in joining the Packers if he clears waivers. I'd imagine he winds up with a contender this season and chases his first-ever Super Bowl.

But I'll admit, it is fun to at least think about a player that good dressing up in midnight green.

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