Did Carson Wentz trade move odds for Colts or Eagles?


Carson Wentz is off to Indianapolis to be reunited with Frank Reich, who was his offensive coordinator with the Eagles.

Now the Eagles hand the reins over to second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts or perhaps someone who is not even on the roster.

So what does this mean from a sportsbook perspective?

Apparently not a whole lot, according to NBC Sports Betting Partner PointsBet.

The odds to be crowned champions next season on both the Eagles and the Colts have not changed since the trade. The Eagles remain +5000 ($10 bet to win $500) while the Colts are +2500 ($10 bet to win $250).

The Eagles’ odds to win the division have not changed either. They remain the second choice in the NFC East at +260 ($10 bet to win $26) behind the Cowboys at -125.

Meanwhile, an 11-win Colts team from a season ago is now listed with the same odds (+105) as the Titans to win the AFC South. Before the trade, they held odds at +130. Keep in mind, Wentz will be facing the Texans and Jaguars twice each next season. Houston and Jacksonville combined for a total of five wins in 2020.

As far as winning MVP, Wentz’s odds have improved slightly, going from +4500 to +4000 ($10 bet to win $400). Wentz finds himself with the same odds as the Browns’ Baker Mayfield.

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the Eagles' roster situation as it is far from over with both free agency and the draft looming.

Might the Eagles go quarterback with the No. 6 pick in April’s draft? Time will tell.

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