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Is Dak Prescott on his way out in Dallas?

Jerry Jones spoke to the media this morning, and Eagles fans should like what he said.

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It’s beginning to look like the end of an era in Dallas, and some very good news for Eagles fans.

Two weeks into the 2024 NFL league year, the Cowboys have yet to make a significant move to improve their roster. Dallas fans have been waiting and hoping for the team to announce that they would extend the contract of QB Dak Prescott.

As of today, that hasn’t happened, and to hear owner Jerry Jones talk about it, it’s not coming.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport shared on X that the Cowboys haven’t extended any offers to Prescott, whose contract is up after the 2024 season.

Coupled with the news reported in January by ESPN that the contract of head coach Mike McCarthy also would not be extended beyond this coming season, and strange things are afoot at One Cowboys Way.

It’s not often you see a top-notch team go into any season with a lame-duck head coach plus a lame-duck franchise quarterback. And it doesn’t exactly breed confidence in the fan base.

According to spotrac.com, Dallas has about $5 million in salary cap space, among the lowest numbers in the NFL right now. Prescott actually helped them with that, agreeing to restructure his 2024 roster bonus to give the team some wiggle room, but it doesn’t change the fact that his 2024 cap number is $55.4 million.

The Cowboys’ lack of fiscal foresight has them fully painted into a corner, and, barring a Rosemanesque transformation of their situation, they will enter 2025 looking for a QB.

Dallas fans were… not pleased by this news.

One other note on Prescott’s contract:

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