2024 NFL Draft

Cowboys star on Eagles picking Quinyon Mitchell: ‘Utterly disgusted'

If Howie Roseman can help the Eagles, and stick it to the Cowboys in the process... *chef's kiss*

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Many Eagles fans were thrilled by the team’s pick in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Micah Parsons? Not so much.

The Cowboys linebacker was a part of Bleacher Report’s draft show, and his immediate reaction to the Eagles’ selection of Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell at 22nd overall was one of incredulousness. Mitchell is one of Parsons’ favorite players in the draft.

“I’m honestly utterly disgusted on how lucky the Eagles are,” Parsons said, with his head in his hand. “I don’t know how he fell this far with this run of offensive tackles and quarterbacks.”

“I thought he was a top-15, top-12 talent, and he just fell into their laps.”

“I think this is a great pick. I think this is a terrific pick. I don’t know how Howie [Roseman] and them get so lucky.”

This has to feel like déjà vu for Parsons. Last year he watched as Roseman traded up to draft Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter, immediately stood up on set and said, “I’m just sick. I’m just sick to my stomach.”

Good to know that in addition to Parsons being a world-class player, he is also a good barometer for how well the Eagles draft.

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