Eagles fans already have jokes for Commanders' new name


Folks, the day is finally here. After two seasons of criss-crossing the country as the Washington Football Team, the NFL franchise based in our nation's capital has a new name.

The organization spent 569 days between denouncing its former moniker and revealing the new one. It polled fans, it went through months and months of R&D, and now we have a new squad in the NFL:

The Commanders.

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It feels... extremely generic? Bland? Trite? Just overall lame?

Washington had a chance to do something unique and singular - the newest major professional hockey team is called the Kraken! - but instead chose something safe and forgettable.

The team's new uniforms? Fine. The team's new crests and logos? Fine. It's all perfectly whatever.

But you know Eagles fans, who frankly got used to playing the Washington Football Team after two seasons of battles, had to come prepared with some jokes on the day of the team's new identity reveal.

And jokes they brought:

I'm gonna be reading more and more roasts of the Commanders all day long, but nothing is going to get me the way "logo is a taco holder" got me. I'm still dying.

I can't wait until the Eagles have a big lead against Washington next season and we can all collectively tweet, "Looks like the Eagles are in Command of this one!" It'll be a riot. Be there or be square.

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And now, my impromptu ranking of the 5 team worst names in the NFL:

5. New York Giants

Oh cool, you're big! Who cares?

4. New England Patriots

If they weren't a historically great organization, this would be obvious.

3. Cleveland Browns

Just a color.

2. Houston Texans

Maybe hypocritical because I like the Phillies, but this is lazy.

1. Washington Commanders

Time's yours, Washington.

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