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Key member of Eagles front office leaving after 12 years

Jake Rosenberg, a key member of the Eagles' front office, is leaving the organization after 12 years.

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Jake Rosenberg, who has been a key member of the Eagles’ front office for over a decade, is leaving the organization, NBC Sports Philadelphia confirmed. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported the news on Wednesday morning.

While many fans might not be familiar with Rosenberg, he has been an extremely important behind-the-scenes executive and right-hand-man to general manager Howie Roseman during his 12 years with the Eagles. Rosenberg will step away from the Eagles after his contract expires following the draft, according to the report.

Rosenberg, the Eagles’ vice president of football administration, told the Inquirer that leaving the team is his decision and he wants to find a job within the NFL that might ultimately lead to his becoming a GM.

“I feel a certain way about myself and what I’ve learned and I feel like I don’t hesitate to tell people I work for the best general manager in the NFL as far as having every skill necessary to be successful in that job,” Rosenberg said to the Inquirer.

“I’ve seen team building, I’ve seen turnarounds, I’ve seen just about every single thing that would be asked of somebody to do in terms of running a team. And Howie makes all the decisions and is the decision maker, but I would love an opportunity to continue to grow, to see if I could execute in my own way.”

With the Eagles, Rosenberg has been integral in salary cap management and contract negotiations. Whenever Roseman is asked about his salary cap mastery, he’s very quick to give credit to Rosenberg.

The Eagles have earned a reputation over the years as one of the better teams in the NFL as it pertains to salary cap management and Rosenberg has been a key cog in that process.

The Eagles hired Rosenberg as the manager of football administration in 2012 and was promoted to director of football administration in 2014 and then promoted again to VP of football administration in 2018.

“I wish we could keep him, but he and I have always discussed how important it is to continue to grow and look for new challenges,” Roseman said to the Inquirer. “He deserves the opportunity to become a free agent and whatever he decides is next, I know he’s going to be successful.”

The other key behind-the-scenes member of the Eagles’ salary cap management team is Bryce Johnston, who just finished his eighth season with the team. He holds the title of vice president of football transactions and strategic planning. Johnston, along with Rosenberg, is frequently mentioned whenever Roseman spreads around praise for the Eagles’ handling of the salary cap.

According to his bio on the Eagles’ website, Johnston’s responsibilities include, “the planning and execution of salary cap and resource allocation strategy, player acquisition and contract negotiation/structuring, and other aspects of roster transactions and Collective Bargaining Agreement compliance.”

Roseman just mentioned both Rosenberg and Johnston on Monday at the NFL’s annual meetings in Orlando when asked about the team’s willingness to use void years on contracts to spread out cap hits.

“I think a lot of credit goes to our front office staff, Jake and Bryce and the job they do,” Roseman said.

With Rosenberg’s departure, Johnston’s role could increase and become more vital in future years.

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