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Jason Kelce addresses his future on latest ‘New Heights' podcast

Eagles legend Jason Kelce addressed his future on the latest episode of the "New Heights" podcast.

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Eagles legend Jason Kelce addressed his future on the latest episode of the "New Heights" podcast.

Kelce, 36, was extremely emotional toward the end of the playoff loss on Monday. And since the season ended, reports have surfaced that Kelce told his teammates his plan to retire after 13 seasons.

But Kelce hasn’t announced his retirement. He addressed his future on the show, while talking to his brother and co-host Travis. 

Here’s Kelce’s full answer on the subject:

“I didn’t announce what I was doing on purpose, despite I guess what’s been leaked to the media. But I think there’s a lot of people can kind of feel body language and stuff. I just don’t think you’re in a position after a game like that to really make that decision. I just don’t. There’s too much emotion in the moment, there’s too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision. I’m not trying to be dramatic and continue to draw this thing out. I’m really not. It’s just something I think that when it’s time to officially announce what’s happening in the future, it’ll be done in a way that’s definitive and pays respect to a lot of people and individuals that have meant a lot to me, what has led to the career I’ve had. I don’t think that it would be respectful or accurate to be able to do that right after a game like that. 

“Frustrated, I guess, kind of, at everything that’s happening. But in the future there will be something said, I guess. But I did address the team and pretty much said the same thing I just said to you. I got belief in every single one of you guys. Cherish the moments you have in this league. I think it’s kind of the way it went down. A lot of guys are like, ‘If that is your last game, I feel sorry for you.’ Don’t feel sorry for me motherf-ers. I had a f—ing … Well, either way, yeah. I just think I truly appreciated everybody in that room. Go to war with them any day of the week. Enjoy the time you got. 

“But, yeah, I think there was a lot of emotion in the room. I don’t know what the future holds for anybody in that room right now. We’re about to get into what happens down the stretch, but we have exit interviews tomorrow.”

A sixth-round pick in 2011, Kelce has been one of the best centers in NFL history. He’s a seven-time Pro Bowler, six-time All-Pro and a Super Bowl champion. He’ll one day be a Hall of Famer.

Kelce also explained the moment he shared with longtime OL coach Jeff Stoutland at the end of Monday’s game.

“Whenever I realized that it could be potentially one of the last times I get to do that with him, I just really want to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him,” Kelce said. “Didn’t want to get emotional, but what can you do?”

After contemplating retirement in recent seasons, Monday certainly felt like the end but it’ll be up to Kelce to announce that when he’s ready.

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