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Jeopardy! contestants have some wild Andy Reid disrespect


Former Eagles head coach and Super Bowl champion Andy Reid was a clue on Tuesday night's episode of Jeopardy!, a fun little nugget for any sports fans watching the show.

But Reid, one of the greatest head coaches of all-time and the man at the helm of the most dominant team in the league the last two years, got seriously stiff-armed when his name came up Tuesday.

Reid was part of the "Good Day, Sir!" category, for $1200. (No idea what that means.) Here was the clue:

"After 21 seasons as the head coach, in 2019 this Kansas City Chiefs leader finally got to enjoy the last game of the season."

Solid clue. The show also put up a headshot of Big Red, to make things even easier on the participants.

But listen to this absolute dead silence after guest host Katie Couric is done with the clue:


That clue, combined with the photo, should be plenty! Andy Reid isn't exactly some cookie cutter-looking dude out here, just any ol' Mr. Football Coach. The mustache, the smile: he's an icon!

The only excuse I can thnk of for the contestsants is that Reid wasn't shown wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Perhaps that would've jogged their memory.

But still, you've gotta get this one. I am appalled.

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