Updated full list of Eagles' picks for 2022 NFL Draft


The NFL draft order was set, but of course Howie Roseman made a trade.

The Eagles basically added a future 2023 first-round pick by trading with the Saints. Here are the full terms of the trade on April 4:

Eagles get: No. 18, No. 101 (3rd round), No. 237 (7th round), 2023 first-rounder, 2024 second-rounder

Saints get: No. 16, No. 19, No. 194 (6th round)

The seven-round draft will begin on Thursday, April 28 and will run through April 30.

Here’s an updated look at all 10 of the Eagles’ picks:

Round 1-15 (from Miami)

Round 1-18 (from New Orleans)

Round 2-51

Round 3-83

Round 3-101 (from New Orleans)

Round 4-124

Round 5-154 (from Washington)

Round 5-162

Round 5-166 (from Arizona)

Round 7-237 (from New Orleans)

A few notes on how the Eagles acquired some of those picks:

• The Eagles added that first-round pick (No. 15) from Miami when they traded down from 6 to 12 in the 1st round in 2021. The Dolphins used that 1st-round pick to draft Jaylen Waddle. The Eagles moved back up to 10 to draft DeVonta Smith.

• They got a 1st-rounder (No. 16) from the Colts in the Carson Wentz trade. This began as a conditional 2nd-round pick but Wentz played over 75% of the Colts’ snaps to turn it into a 1st. The Colts already traded Wentz before the Eagles even got to use the pick. Update: The Eagles aren't going to use the pick after all. It goes to the Saints.

• The Eagles have three picks that once belonged to the Saints: No. 18, No. 101 and No. 237.

• That 5th-rounder from the Commanders came during last year’s draft. The Eagles traded 6th- and 7th-round picks to Washington to get a 2022 5th-rounder.

• The 5th-rounder from the Cardinals came in the Zach Ertz trade during the 2021 season. The Eagles got that pick and Tay Gowan in exchange for Ertz, who signed an extension to stay in Arizona this offseason.

• The 6th-round pick from the Colts is the one the Eagles acquired at final cuts from the Colts in exchange for Matt Pryor. That worked out for both sides. The Eagles got a pick for a player they were going to cut anyway and the Colts got a backup OL they signed to another contract this week. The Eagles also picked up a 6th-rounder in the Joe Flacco trade but that is going to Denver in the trade for CB Kary Vincent Jr. from during the season. Never mind on this one too. Pick No. 194 is now with the Saints.

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