WATCH: Insane Villanova front-flip circus TD goes viral


First we had the Philly Special. Now we might have the Villanova Special.

Villanova played host to Delaware on Saturday afternoon for the Wildcats' Senior Day game, a collision between two Top 10 teams in the FCS this season. It had all the makings of a memorable game, and it wound up being exactly that - thanks to one ridiculous play.

I'd try and explain what you're about to watch, but you really just need to see it to believe it:


I want that on a loop, as a GIF, in the Louvre by the end of the weekend. As Guy Fieri would say, that's bananas - and bananas is good.

I think my favorite part of the whole sequence is Delaware freshman DL Fintan Brose (rightfully) celebrating his excellent pursuit of the quarterback, looking the other way down the field, and flexing - as everyone else realizes the Wildcats just scored a truly insane TD.

The timing of Brose flexing as the CAA football play-by-play person proclaims "It's a touchdown!" is just delightful. You can't blame him - he made a great play! - but I love it so much.

Watching college football in mid-April is already truly weird, but this is definitely the bizarro world cherry on top.

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