WATCH: Weatherman trolls Dallas Cowboys live on air


It might be the middle of June, but if you ask an Eagles fan they'll all say the same thing: any time of year is the right time to troll the Dallas Cowboys.

And that's exactly what Mississippi and Alabama newsman Ethan Bird chose to do Monday when he lined up the 10-day forecast on WTOK-TV... and decided to absolutely shred Jerry Jones' football team with a perfectly biting one-liner.

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Bird, a weekend anchor who also does sports and weather, shared this clip of his Monday weather report on Twitter:

"Now we look at our 10-day forecast, and it's looking a little bit like those Dallas Cowboys: it's peaking in the 90s."



I love it. Completely merciless. The delivery is so relaxed, so non-chalant, and yet the message cuts Cowboys fans to their core. If you're an Eagles fan and you've ever spent any time debating Dallas fans on Twitter, you know they love to point to their cadre of Super Bowl rings... while ignoring the fact that they haven't won a Super Bowl since 1995, and have three playoff wins in the 21st century.

And yet despite his fortuitous last name, Bird isn't an Eagles fan - or even a fan of a team in the NFC. He likes the Broncos!

Makes sense, I guess. Outside of the brief-but-glorious Peyton Manning era, the Broncos also... kind of peaked in the 90s. (We'll see what Russell Wilson has in store.)

Regardless, just tremendous work here from Bird. Applause all around.

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