Philadelphia Eagles

Would Bradley Cooper rather win an Oscar or see the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

Reach the pinnacle of your profession, or have your favorite team win it all?

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Bradley Cooper is the most famous Eagles fan on this planet. Sorry, not sorry, TayTay. You lost your bandwagon pass when you threw on a Chiefs jersey for love.

He is born-and-raised, died in the wool, *from here*. You can’t watch a home Eagles game without a dozen cutaway shots of Cooper riding shotgun, exchanging high fives with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie in his suite at the Linc.

He’s also a very accomplished actor and director. He's been nominated for several Academy Awards and Golden Globes, even winning a Grammy for his “Shallow” duet with Lady Gaga in "A Star is Born."

His passion runs deep on both his chosen craft and his favorite football team. It brought up an important question, asked this week by Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show.

STERN: Ok, here’s the big question, and I really want you to answer this in a serious manner.


STERN: “Sophie’s Choice” for 2024: You win the Oscar, not only for Best Director [of his upcoming film "Maestro"], but for Best Actor, and Carrie Mulligan wins Best Actress, or the Eagles have a Super Bowl victory? What do you choo—

COOPER: Eagles Super Bowl victory. Eagles. Yeah, Eagles. I know. I’m sick.

STERN: What? You’re lying now, aren’t you? You’re lying.

COOPER: I don’t think so, bro. No. No. I’m not lying.

That, folks, is dedication. He didn’t wait until Stern finished asking the question! He was that sure about what he wants. Our Bradley wants another Eagles parade.

It shouldn’t be a total surprise. He played a fanatical Eagles fan in the critically-acclaimed "Silver Linings Playbook." And yes, his character had some psychological issues, but that made him even more genuine.

How much of a sacrifice is this for Cooper? You’ll notice above that he was *nominated* for multiple Oscars. He has never won an Oscar. But instead of the ultimate individual accolade for a person in his chosen craft, he wants all Eagles fans to experience the ultimate. Selfless. Man of the People.

For the record, oddsmakers believe the Eagles winning the Super Bowl is a slightly better bet than Cooper winning an Oscar. PointsBet has the Eagles at 4/1 to win it all and has Cooper at 9/2 to win Best Actor for "Maestro."

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