PHOTOS: Ranking all 32 NFL uniforms


Take a look at the best, and the worst, uniforms in the NFL.

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The Jets rebranded a few years ago, yet still have one of the worst uniforms in all of football -- if not the worst. No explanation is needed, just look at the photo and judge for yourself. 



Thankfully, for all parties involved, the Jaguars ditched their hideous two-tone helmet a few seasons back. The Jaguars have a cool color scheme, but it feels like there's a lot more potential here.



I understand tradition, but the Colts uniforms are in serious need of an upgrade. Pass on these.




The Buccaneers reverted to their classic-style uniforms prior to this season, which was an upgrade over their previous unis. However, these still could be sooooo much better. How deemed pewter to be an acceptable color?


You can never go wrong with the sky/powder blues, but the Panthers uniforms leave a lot to be desired. Just imagine what they could do with an all-black helmet?



The Texans have a solid color scheme with the patriotic red, white, and blue. However, there's plenty of room for improvement. The red jerseys are sweeeeeeet, though.



The Falcons debuted new uniforms last year, and they are hideous. Sorry. The only one that is borderline passable is their throwback jersey. Yikes.



The all-red Cardinals uniforms look fresh, but the team should seriously ditch the white helmets. These have potential but just are quite not there yet.


The Bears have a classic look to them, one a lot of people like. I am not one of those people. Chicago has bland uniforms that could use a facelift.




The Bengals revealed new uniforms on April 19, a clean and clear upgrade over the team's former digs. That's only partially because Cincinnati's old uniforms were some of the worst in the NFL. Personally, I like the Bengals' new fits. But compared to the rest of the NFL, these are still below average.


The new Patriots look is certainly an upgrade to the old one, but the helmets don't seemingly fit the rest of the uniform. If New England went back to a white helmet, these uniforms would significantly go up the rankings.




The Lions' uniforms simply don't cut it. The matte coloring has made them a little better, but these have so much more potential.


The Titans' recent uniform rebrand was an upgrade over their previous fits, but it still left much to be desired. Besides the sky-blue uniform, these digs are average at best.


The Chiefs may be the best team in football, but their uniforms don't reflect it. I admire the classic look, but these could use a modernized upgrade.




During the John Elway days, the old Denver confirms with the Bronco on the helmet were awesome. The new unis simply don't provide that same spark.


Miami's best look is their classic one, with the double stripes down the center to match the white jerseys. I'm not crazy about the aqua look, but the white-on-white combination is crisp. The aqua-on-aqua, though, can be left behind.


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The Giants uniforms are solid, but nothing special. They desperately need to bring back the scripted 'Giants' on the helmet.



The Burgundy and Gold look will always be a classic, and the color scheme is here to stay regardless of if the team changes its name again.




The purple and gold color combination is a solid one. Minnesota's uniforms are nothing over the top, but they're above average.



The Browns reverted back to the classic look recently in what was a great call by the organization. The look is old fashioned yet clean, and looks a heck of a lot better than the large block lettering of "CLEVELAND" did on their old unis.


Like Green Bay, the 49ers have a classic look that still looks really good today. The all-white throwbacks are also awesome.




A classic look here, but I'm not ready to put the Cowboys up as high as others.



The Eagles uniforms would be near the top of the list if they brought back the Kelly Green. But, the all-black Eagles uniforms are sweeeeeet.


The all-white look is a classic, and the team has a great color scheme. If they could stay away from the blue-on-blue look at home, these would be exceptional.




Between the purple, black, and white, Baltimore has plenty of different uniform combinations they can roll out. The all-black look is one of the league's best, but they don't wear it nearly often enough.



Ever since Oregon-based Nike took over as the NFL's apparel brand, the nearby Seahawks have had the most uniform combinations. Some look really good, while others are hideous (see the all lime green uniforms, you'll know what I'm talking about).



Whether you are a Steelers fan or not, they have an absolute classic uniform. The decal on just the right side of the helmet remains unique. The black and yellow are a perfect combination to represent the city, too.


One of the most classic uniforms in the game, and still one of the best in the sport today. The Green and Gold will always be one of the NFL's best looks.




The Rams rebranded ahead of the 2020 season, and at first, received a lot of backlash. Then, they debuted the new uniforms on the field, and they are DOPE. The all-blue is a squeaky clean look, and the bone-on-bone uniform looks like it's from a next-generation video game. I'm all in on these Rams uniforms.



A classic look the remains one of the NFL's best. It doesn't matter what city the Raiders play in, the Black and Silver will look good on Sundays.



With a black, gold and white color scheme, the Saints have some of the best uniforms in the NFL. There's not a color combination they roll out that doesn't look extra sharp on the field.


The Chargers uniforms will always be the league's best. The Powder Blue remains elite, but almost every uniform combination Los Angeles has looks spiffy on game day.




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