Charles Barkley against trading Okafor, says Teague for Noel trade a ‘no-brainer' for Sixers


Sir Charles Barkley was at Citizens Bank Park on Monday evening taking some batting practice before the Phillies took on the Cubs. He also used the opportunity to share his thoughts on... well, pretty much everything. We highlighted some of the best parts of his chat with John Clarke below.

On the rumored Nerlens Noel for Jeff-Teague trade

“I wouldn’t trade [Jahlil] Okafor until I knew [Joel] Embiid was healthy and could play. If you got a chance to trade [Nerlens] Noel for [Jeff] Teague, that deal should have been [done] already. I’m a big Jeff Teague fan. The Sixers definitely need a point guard and if you can get Teague for Noel that’s a no-brainer. As far as Okafor, I wouldn’t trade him before I knew Embiid could play — not just now, for the next year. Just because he plays in practice or Summer League, that’s not an NBA game. He’s got to prove he can stay healthy for 82 games.”

On the Sixers' future in general

“I think the team has a bright future. I think the Saric kid can really play. Okafor had a good solid rookie year. Noel can play. But it’s all going to come down to Embiid and how quickly it can all come together.”

On the fan who threw a bottle at Ryan Howard on Saturday

"I was more disappointed than anything. [Ryan Howard] has done so much for this city. The Phillies has been relevant for the last 10-15 years and he’s been a major part of that. I was just disappointed. I wish that, to be honest, that Ryan could get his hands on [the fan who threw the bottle] and beat the hell out of him. That would be the appropriate response. That’s one thing I can tell you about Philadelphia, it’s a great city, great fans, very passionate, there’s always going to be a couple bad apples. The majority of fans here appreciate what Ryan has brought to the table.

What would Barkley have done with the fan? 

"I would have kicked his ass, personally. Just giving him a little warning or a ticket doesn’t really do that situation justice. Just get him in the batting cage for 15 minutes and whatever happens happens."

He also apparently favors Brandon Ingram over Ben Simmons

And a couple swings

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