Check Out Tokyo Museum That Immerses Guests in Water, Lights and Plants


An immersive museum in Tokyo has guests walking in water, changing light and becoming one with the exhibits.

teamLab Planets attempts to dissolve the boundary between body and art with its experimental rooms. In all, there are a total of nine artworks, four exhibition spaces and two gardens.

In one room, guests walk through a room full of water as eel-shaped lights move around them. The movement of the lit-up koi is impacted by both the people in the water and the other koi.

A similar effect can be found in the “Floating Flower Garden.” Plants hang from the ceiling and move up as they sense the motion of guests exploring the room.

Another room, the “Infinite Crystal Universe,” is made up completely of mirrors and lights. Guests can control what light sequence appears in the room via an app.

Not all exhibits in the museum are influenced by the guests. The “Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms” changes between daytime and nighttime, with the artwork glowing after sunset. The exhibit is part of teamLab’s experimentation with the concept of color.

teamLab is behind several “body immersive” experiences throughout Japan’s capital city.

For a look into the museum, check out the video above from NBCLX storyteller Fernando Hurtado, who is covering the Tokyo Olympics onsite.

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