Assistant GM LaMar resigns from Phillies post


Chuck LaMar, a Phillies assistant general manager, resigned his post after four seasons with the club on Tuesday. LaMar spent the last three seasons overseeing the Phils minor-league system.

LaMar resigned after a morning meeting with general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and Benny Looper, the teams assistant GM in charge of player personnel.

After some discussion, it seemed like for Chuck it would be the best situation to go ahead and resign, Amaro said.

Amaro was asked why it was best that LaMar resign.

Youll have to ask Chuck, Amaro said. I guess the feeling was it was an opportunity to have other pursuits, either inside or outside the game.

Amaro was asked if there was unhappiness on either side.

Thats a question youll have to ask Chuck, Amaro said.

Attempts to reach LaMar on Tuesday night were not immediately successful. His resignation came as the Phils top two minor-league clubs were about to embark on the playoffs.

Amaro said he was disappointed by LaMars decision. But Amaro would not say whether he planned to have LaMar back with the club next season.

Thats a speculative question, Amaro said.

Amaro said he will look for a replacement for LaMar.

LaMar worked for the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays before joining the Phillies. He was the Rays first general manager. Much of the Rays 2008 American League Championship club was built under his leadership.

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